About Mentor Broker Mentoring

Work with an MFAA Certified Mentor ™ today.

The MFAA has in conjunction with current mortgage brokers and trainers designed a 24 month structure program to ensure after your mentoring period you are a confident and competent successful mortgage broker.

We work on the premise that you achieve more in team. Also understand under the recent changes form a self regulated industry to now a government regulated (ASIC) it is more important you choose the right partners to work with you.

We are willing to invest our knowledge, time and resource to develop you to be the best mortgage broker you can be. Without the guidance of a mentor, you may not development strategies to combat issues that may arise from the successes you will have. With great success there will be pain which you will need to overcome. If it were easy than everyone would be able to be a mortgage broker.

The structure 24 month program (this is a guideline, some may be deem competent in a shorter period while other may need to extend the program to complete the require assessments and tasks). After 2 years you should be in a position to apply for your own Australian Credit Licence with the assistance of your mentor.

Stay tuned for more details to come.


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