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What does a Mortgage Broker Mentor do?

iBlinks has two parts to its business model – Both revolve around assisting mortgage brokers;

We offer a certified two year mentoring service to new mortgage brokers entering the industry and those who just want to look are sharpening their skills. Sometime been part of an amazing fruitful industry you need an insider from your business to provide you with inside advice.

It is an amazing two year, eight moduled Certified program will limited training spaces – Mortgage Broker Mentoring

Two year mentoring- All new entrants are required to have an industry experienced mentor for the first two years in the business.

Approved by the MFAA and required by ASIC; this is an intensive service and not everyone qualifies to be a part of the programme. The shame is that not everyone will make it, because it is about your ‘attitude’ to success. We only engage with brokers that are serious about effective mentoring, tuition and support to get their business up and running successfully. This takes hard work and dedication but you’ll learn the shortcuts from a skilled mentor.

The two year mentoring programme was created not only as a licensing requirement; but it has emerged from the requests from head groups and mortgage brokers when they would chat about how their business was going at various lender functions. The new broker would always say that they had shared their commission with the head group but had very little training or could not access their mentor easily. The head groups would say they had taken on new people given them support and yet they were not performing.

The picture did not match. It was apparent that though companies who took on new brokers had all the right intentions, that they were not qualified trainers and provide little structured to training as it was required. It was also apparent that the new people to the industry require continuous training and contact to keep on track and a mentor whose business is dedicated to mentoring and training and helping them get up and running correctly and effectively.

Our two year mentoring service matches this not only this need but also the membership requirements of the MFAA and the licensing requirements of ASIC for new entrants to the industry. How perfect is that?

What do we offer you?

We give you structure, support and scenario assistance.

We begin with helping you structure your business development plan to suit your business model and value proposition. This gives you the structure to keep you on track. From this point we have weekly contact with you to ensure that the track hasn’t moved and you are moving along it at the right pace.

We give you templates to make it easy to write your loan submissions and handouts that you can give to your customers so that you look like a seasoned professional from day one.

We give you mock scenarios to get you thinking about various situations that could come up so that you are always learning new skills not just researching loan scenarios as they come across your desk.

You will need to talk to someone all the time about loan scenarios. We are there to help you all the way with every loan that you write so that at the end of your mentoring experience you have all the tools to run an effective mortgage business.

Your first few loans are all vetted by us first to ensure that you are constructing them correctly and then we slowly release you to run solo. You only go solo when we are both confident to do so.

We are there to support you so that when you have a question about anything to do with mortgage broking; we will answer it or if it’s a tough one, we will find the answer for you. We are there by your side for two years and you can ask as many questions as many times you like – even the same question again and again if you need. That is what we are set up to do.

The important part of having an external mentor is that you choose your aggregator and you have your own business entity so that you maintain control of your business and your brand. You are not locked into someone else’s business plan or name because you feel obligated to them.

Two years is a long time if you don’t choose the right mortgage broker mentor.

Our mentors a multi disciplined and find satisfaction in your development and the continued improvement of mortgage brokers and mortgage professionals re-vitalise an important industry. Focus is on providing the consumer the ultimate mortgage experience where they seek our seeks

Sharpen your business

Sharpen you mortgage business is about taking you business to the next step.

Are you looking to expand through buying trail books?
Are you looking to take on new admin staff or loan writers?
Are you looking a expanding into another territory?

Work with a Mortgage Broker Mentor to achieve your desired outcomes. Even great athletes require coaches to keep them at the top of their game. There is no difference in business. Success is in your attitude so claim it today. Find a Mortgage Broker Mentor in your area today.

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